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Proton cables

Proton - Power, Inter-connect and Loudspeaker cables.

The Proton Range

The range consists of 3 product lines:-

The Inter connect available in lengths from 50 cm to 10 meters in 50cm variations.

Proton interconnect plug

The loudspeaker cable available from 1 metre upwards with free banana ends fitted.

Proton loudspeaker cable

The power cord - made with any plug variation you require. Standard length is 1.5m

Proton power cable

Other Cables can be made to order. Contact us for more info if required.

Prices of our Proton cables
Proton 1m Interconnect pair with case  £499.00 GBP
Proton 3m Loudspeaker pair with case  £1194.00 GBP
Proton 1.5m Power Cable with case   £599.00 GBP
Proton 1m Loudspeaker Cable with case £199.00 GBP
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