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Audion TRIO A/V 3 channel power amplifier wound output transformers  hand built. This pentode based EL34 3 channel amp uses a small amount of feedback in the design. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are white aluminum.

This is a tri-block design in a single chassis (ie separate power supply per channel)
The Audion TRIO has been designed primarily for the 2 channel user who wants to add a home cinema setup to his/her system without compromising their current system in any way. The three channel TRIO amplifier is designed to add centre and rear two channels to an existing system to give a 5.1 system or by adding 2 x Audion TRIO amplifiers giving a full 6 channels for a 7.1 surround sound system.

Amplifier matching

The Audion Trio has been designed as a 3 channel triple mono amplifier, using 6 x EL34 tubes running in pure Class A push/pull configuration. The Audion TRIO measures just 44cm x 44cm x 18cm tall, meaning that it should easily fit into your system.


Quality both inside and out

Having three separate volume controls on the rear makes channel balancing easy. This amp is auto biased. The TRIO amp comes with Electro Harmonix EL34 tubes.

There is a safety cage fitted as standard with this amp to protect the tubes and young ones fingers. The TRIO has not been fully launched yet, so the first 50 Units will be hard wired point to point after that they will revert to their original specification of PCB. Get the hard wired ones while you can.


Power 30 Watts Class A  into 8 Ohms at 240V AC


8 Ohm Nominal
Distortion @ 1Watt:               <0.1% No Feedback

Frequency Response:         

<15 to >34KHz ±1 db

Sensitivity:             Variable >150mV Full output


< (CCIR) – 90 db or< (CCIR) – 95 db (2A3)
Consumption:         360 Watts


6 x EL34, 6 x 6H1N

Size - 42cm deep, 23cm tall and 19cm tall - Less tubes


Fuses - Power 2A / 240V   HT 500mA / 240V

Warranty -

2 years - tubes 6 months


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