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Hi-fi shows from around the world.

Eindhoven - X-fi Audioshow - October 2015


London Audioworld 12 Audioworld 12 setup Audion Silver Night PSE 300B at Audioworld 12

October 2015 - Very popular show in the South of Holland. We were showing as part of Hifi matters room. The new Silver Night Special Edition amplifier and pre amplifier were well received. We saw many people coming back again and again to have a little listen. Demo room was full most of the time.

Poland - 2014


London Audioworld 12 Audioworld 12 setup Audion Silver Night PSE 300B at Audioworld 12

Well attended shows, Poland seems to be an up and coming market.

Hong Kong - August 2014


Newport California 2012 show More from Newport Visitor inspecting Audion amplifier at Newport California

August 2014 - Good show, always a high level of interest in Hong Kong. The Audion team took the opportunity to explore a bit of Hong Kong, very interesting but hot and humid!

Poland - 2013


London Audioworld 12 Audioworld 12 setup Audion Silver Night PSE 300B at Audioworld 12



Newport California - June 2012


Newport California 2012 show More from Newport Visitor inspecting Audion amplifier at Newport California


June 2012 - From the left: Audion 300B Silver Night integrated and Audion Phono MM. Audion EL34 on static display. A typical customer checking out the Audion Silver Night 300B.

The rooms were acoustically very good that brought out the best in our products. The Audience ranged from late 20's to 50+, a lot had heard Audion for the first time here. People (and reviewers) came back over and over again saying our room was one of the best they'd heard at the show. The show has been growing rapidly over the last few years and is proving to be one of the best high end shows in the US right now, it was of course well attended.

London - Audio World 12 show


London Audioworld 12 Audioworld 12 setup Audion Silver Night PSE 300B at Audioworld 12

April 2012 - This time we showed with a Silver Night PSE 300B paired up with the Revolver Audio prototype Cygnis Baby. This year was a venue change from the traditional bastion of Heathrow to a new hotel in Weybridge. The rooms were sonically better, larger and more plush.

London Heathrow - Audio World 11 show

China 1 China 2 China 3

April 2011 - here we showed with a pair of Level 8 Golden Dreams and a 2 box Audion Premier Quattto Pre-amp.

Utrecht - Netherlands - AV NU show 2010

China 1 China 2 China 3

October 2010 - To this show we brought the Audion Blackshadows and paired them up with our own Audion 1 speaker.

China - Guangzhou AV show 2010

China 1 China 2 China 3

September 3rd to 5th, 2010 our Chinese distributor showed Audion amplifiers and pre-amplifiers at the largest Chinese Hi-End show - the 17th Guangzhou Hi-End show. Throughout the weekend many people visited this Hi-End show. It made many more people get to know Audion, the brand and products. All were very well received.

ISE Show Report Amsterdam RAI - 2 - 4 February 2010

Ise 2010 1 Ise 2010 2 ISE 2010 3

This was the 7th year for ISE and the first year of our attendance. ISE 2010 was a busy and upbeat event that once again managed to buck the trend and increase its attendance by almost 15% on last year, with 28,489 visitors. This made a change for us from the normal hi-fi show in as much as ISE has everything Audio/Visual on display. We showed our new Audion TRIO 3 channel power amplifier designed for home cinema use.
The show as said was well attended and gave us a chance to meet and greet many people - some known, others new. It also gave us a chance to get a fell as to how other markets are fairing in the current financial climate. This also allowed us to show our products to potentially a new market and customer base.
Above are pictures of our stand showing the new TRIO power amplifier and Revolvers flat screen loudspeakers - to the left is Charles Greenlees of Revolver talking to Graeme Holland of Audion early on the first day of the show.

UK Hi-fi shows - Heathrow (London) & Whittlebury hall.

Whittlebury show 1
The Audion Black Night powered the Revolver Screen 3’s to great effect this time. Setup was kept clean and simple to show how music can be heard without breaking the bank.
Whittlebury show 2

London 1

London 2 London 3
London Staff

Again we showed two systems, the Audion Black Night with the Revolver Cygnis and the second system, The Audion Silver NIght PSE with the Revolver Screen 3, flat panel speakers. The room generated a lot of interest and showed what synergy there was between the 2 companies.

London Staff 2

From left to Right. Robin Mackenzie -Audion Charles Greenlees - Rev. Michael Jewitt - Revolver. Graeme Holland - Audion. Ronnie England. Alan Wallace - Audion. Picture Right - Robin mackenzie and Bruce Pooley (Production MGR)

London Show Audion dac London Show Audio Classic room London Show
London Show 2007 London show 2007 1 London banner
London show 8 London Show9 London show black night

Paris High End Hi-fi Show

Paris 1 Paris 2 paris 3

The Parisian show is always well attended, being very busy on all days. It is a very good atmosphere, one of heady Parisian spring days. Most big name companies are there. Not only French manufacturers but other Europeans too. Audion's room is always busy. We suspect attendance figures were very good and summise there to be in excess of 10,000 people passing through the show each year.

Frankfurt - German Hi-fi Show

Frankfurt show 1 Frankfurt show2 220 Frankfurt show3 220

Brussels High End Hi-fi Show

Brussels 1

High Fidelity Belgium is a busy small show split between 2 hotels. We shared the show with both our Luxembourg and Dutch Distributor, both having excellent displays. We played on the Saturday with an Audion Silver Night 300B & line level Premier Pre-amp. The second day (Sunday) we decided to up the competition by using our 3 Box 845 Elite. This really rocked the house.

Brussels 2

Las Vegas CES / T.H.E. Show

Las Vegas 1 Las Vegas 3 Las Vegas 2

The 4 Box Quattro powerhouse pre-amp in all its glory and the Hard wired Silver Night 2A3 stereo. Incredibly quiet noise floor designed specifically for high efficiency speakers like Tommy Horning’s Agathon 98db efficient wonder boxes shown above, incredibly easy to drive, unbelievably fast with superb transient response. These are a fantastic match with our 2A3 amp. The bass is stunning, mids and highs incredibly accurate, a real pleasure to work with. Centre, Gary Alpern & Ray Lombardi of Ray of Sound. Los Angeles at CES 2010

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 1 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 3

Munich High End Show

Munich 1

We showed 2 systems in an open plan environment, the aim was to get more people to see the product, rather than trying to get people into a cramped sound room. This worked very well for us. We were showing, in the front, Silver Night PSE & Revolver Cygnis loudspeakers. These speakers were specifically designed to work with our amps. At the rear we were playing a continuous slideshow through our 3 box Elite and Quattro world class pre-amp.

Munich 2

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