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Audion Cable care

Get The Best From Your Cables

• Because all wire degrades the signal passing through it, the less wire you have in your system, the better. Keep interconnects and loudspeaker cable runs as short as possible, but try not to order too short.

• Keep left and right loudspeaker cables and interconnects the same length. If you have excess cable or interconnect, don’t wind it into a neat loop as this will make the cable more inductive and change its characteristics. Instead, drape the cable so it crosses other loops at right angles.

• Periodically disconnect all interconnects and loudspeaker cable for cleaning. Oxide builds up on jacks and plugs, interfering with the electrical transfer. Use a contact cleaner. In fact, switching interconnects sometimes cleans the jacks, making the system sound better even though the interconnect may not be intrinsically better.

• When connecting and disconnecting RCA plugs, always grip the plug, never the cable.

• Ensure tight connection of all RCA plugs, and particularly spade lugs on power amplifiers and loudspeakers. Get lots of contact surface area between the spade lug and the post, then tighten down the binding posts.

• Route interconnects and cables away from power cords. If AC power cables must meet interconnects or loudspeaker cables, then cross them at 90 degree angles. Never allow power cables and interconnects or loudspeaker cables to run in parallel next to each other. This will prevent crosstalk between cables

• Keep digital and analogue interconnects well away from each other. The high-frequency noise from digital interconnects can pollute the analogue lines.