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Valves / tubes

The valves / tubes in your amplifier are one of the main things that effect the sound you hear. Some tubes can sound soft and relaxed others bright, alive and very forward, and every single one has its own set of characteristics as different as the person listening to them. Some people will say that teh tube sound is warm and fuzzy, maybe they are in certain amps, ours however are certainly not that, and our selection of tubes we offer will not give you that.

What they will offer however is a well balanced tonally correct performance with music very much "in your face" and "at the end of your nose!". Needless to say we like our music to be alive and give you, the listener, the feeling of being immersed in the music and not just a bystander in a doorway.

Our tubes have been carefully selected to match our amplifiers.. For example our Sterling range of amplifiers work best with Electro Harmonix, JJ and Svetlana (in our opinion). Our Silver Nights prefer JJ, KR or Svetlana to achieve that well balanced price/performance sound.

We offer where possible NOS (New old stock tubes) from our own stocks for small tubes, our larger output tubes are new stock. Not all of these we hold in stock but we can get them reasonably quickly.

We have only a small selection of tubes, but by changing the tube (or "Rolling" as its often reffered to) you can dramaticaly change your amplifiers characteristics.

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