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Edison 60 Power amplifier kit

The Edison kits are an excellent entry point into the world of valve amplification. Since it’s launch the Edison 60 kit has been a best seller creating a world wide following with all who have purchased it.

As a core product the Edison 60 can perform many roles in a broad system, and has enough power for today’s varied sources not only for hi-fi but to be a part of any home entertainment system.

To top that, it can be configured in either Push-Pull or Single-Ended mode with enough power for any purist with speakers of 88dB efficiency and higher.

The entry model is competitively priced to help you along. Although technically complete, it can be upgraded with additional components to improve the product inevitably outperforming retail products costing many times more! The kit is complete, having everything you need to build it right down to the last nut, except for legal reasons a power supply cord.

All kits are supplied with the latest user manual and circuit diagram and online email support where needed. If you are not overly confident with a soldering iron we can even factory build some or all of your kit for you.

The joy of self-assembly can be a very satisfying experience, but part builds are available for those less willing to dive straight in!, like for example the circuit boards can be built and tested. etc..

NB. Wooden sidepanels are no longer supplied with the kit.


Quality both inside and out

Having a volume control on the front and 3 sets of stereo inputs on the rear means that a pre-amplifier is not necessary with this unit. The circuit, whechever one you choose is completely auto biased. We supply Electro Harmonix EL34. We supply high quality parts with the kit, from known manufacturers. We supply our own extremely high quality output transformers. Very silmilar in construction to those used in our Sterling range of power amplifiers. A quality toroidal mains transformer, very well specified which can be used for this kit and the modification to 300B, noted on another page. Polypropylene signal capacitors, fire resistant resistors in key power supply areas. The printed circuit boards are made of a high quality substrate and where possible we avoid supplying any chinese made parts. Even the supplied connecting wires are a quality tinned copper of 0.9mm (where most kits come only with 0.6mm wire). We supply high quality ceramic valve bases as used in our normal power amplifiers.

We offer many upgrades for the Edison 60 kit, however if there is an option that you would like that is not listed please feel free to ask us for it.

The current Edison kit is now 4th Generation product, originally being sold since 1991.


Edison 60 power amplifier kit Push Pull or PSE- YOU decide

Power tubes 4 x EL34
Driver tubes               4 x ECC88/6922 or equivalents
Power output for Push Pull          2x30 Watts pure Class-A" into 8Ω @ 1khz
Power output for Single Ended    2x18 Watts pure Class-A into 8Ω @ 1khz
Distortion 1 watt @ 1khz <0.035% in Push-Pull Mode
Power consumption 210 watts (230 volts ac)
Input sensitivity 250mV for full output (Push-Pull)
Output tappings 4Ω, or 8Ω ohms
Signal to noise ratio >98dB (Push-Pull)
Weight 15Kg standard 18kg Plus kit
Overall dimensions 45 x 36 x 11.5cm excluding valves.
Mains supply 220-240V AC or 100-120V AC
Output transformer Multitap with special winding technique to obtain full bass response even in Single-Ended mode.

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Edison 60 conversion to 300B


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